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5th-Dec-2011 08:46 pm - because i don't feel like studying..
This semester has been..uneventful? Working hard to get into nursing school. 
Summer trip to Vietnam/Taiwan was so much fun that I want to travel somewhere new every summer. 
So bored...and unmotivated to do anything. lol
3rd-Jan-2010 09:13 pm - arg.
i just don't feel ready for another semester of school again...yet i would like to escape from this house and everything that is going on...everything is just so horrible i don't even know what to do. no where to express all my problems going on because there are much bigger things going on..
13th-Dec-2009 02:06 pm - not studying....
while not studying i have realized that its been almost one year since i've written in this thing lol.
it keeps snowing..and i want to finish my exams so i would appreciate it if the snow stops for the next four days ^^. then it can snow all it wants since i'll have to bus to work now anyways..

SNOW PLEASE GO AWAY (for the next couple of days at least...)
29th-May-2008 07:15 pm - RIP
Luc Bourdon...
age 21 passed away yesterday night due to a motorcycle accident. It's unfortunate that we lost such a young and promising prospect on the Canucks. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
The time he spent here with the Canucks and the Moose were memorable, and I will NEVER forget when he helped Canada win gold in the World Jrs. two years in a row...he will forever be remembered as a member of the Canucks and Moose family.

30th-Nov-2007 09:40 pm - last week of classes
last week of classes!! actually finished my last week. now exams are coming..ewww..studying.
it snowed quite a bit this week at SFU but not at home..sucks. never get snow down where i live.
Ashton Kutcher and Michelle Pfeiffer are or were at SFU these past 3 days! they're filming a new movie that's coming out in 2009 called "Personal Effects", when I found out that they were here, I seriously wanted to hunt them down haha, but the security was so tight the building that they were filming in, people who had classes in that building had to have class in another place.

I wonder if anybody actually got to talk to them...

20th-Nov-2007 08:08 pm - one year
I can't believe it's been a year since Encounters with Canada. A year since meeting a couple hundred strangers and spending a whole week with them. That week we all became one big family, it was such an amazing experience and I will never forget it. It'll always stay in my memory forever. I wish I could go back to Ottawa, I wish I could relive that whole week again, it really helps me get away from my life back here at home.

11th-Nov-2007 11:04 pm - long weekend
Today is Rememberance Day, let's not forget what's happened in the past.

Long weekend!!! Well, it's almost the end of it...worked Friday and Saturday. I wasn't that happy to work on Friday night, I was suppose to work 4-8 but then they called me in early so I went in an hour early, and then after that they asked me to stay longer. I ended up doing a 6 hour shift rather than a 4 hour shift. Wasn't happy about it. And then I worked a VERY LONG 8 hour shift on Saturday believe me, it was very long. I switched it twice, first I was suppose to work 12-5, then I switched to 10:30-7 and then I switched to 12:30-8:30 which ended up to be the final switch. haha

Went to the states today, even though I was suppose to work..shhhh..haha. My family and I went shopping at the Seattle Outlets. It took forever to cross the border from Canada to the US. I think around 2 hours, sooo long. Got to the outlets at 1..I think. And we stayed till 5:30 and started to head back home at around 6, and we got home at around 8:30. The ride home seemed shorter than the ride there. It always feels that way anyway.

that's it..oh..the Pacific album..LOVE it. Tegoshi's voice in ainante is AMAZING. Everyone's voice is really good in this album, got a chance to show off that they can sing really well.

13th-Oct-2007 08:00 pm - weekend
Wow, I don't believe that this weekend is even real. I mean it's basically my first stress free weekend, I don't have a summary due this sunday, no online studies due till Wednesday, and well I do actually have my last midterm on Thursday but...I don't think I'm going to look at that till like Sunday night or Sunday. AND I don't even have to work on Friday or Saturday, only on Sunday...and I'm closing..ewww..I hate closing sunday's it's such a huge hassle to deal with.

So, I went to the mall with my sister today because I didn't have to work, actually spent a whole day at the mall. We were going to go to Lougheed Mall at first but then we decided to go down to Metrotown. We spent like 3 hours down at Metro, and then we rushed to the skytrain and took the skytrain back to Lougheed, and because my sister wanted a sweater from the Bluenotes at Lougheed we rushed to the mall across from the station literally spent a good 15 minutes shopping for headphones at London Drugs, and shopping for the sweater at Bluenotes. After that we rushed back to the station with a good 5 minutes to spare. I finally believed the people that told me that I walk really really fast, lol. My sister couldn't even keep up with me.

Not spending anymore money for another 2 weeks...'sigh'

9th-Oct-2007 09:55 pm - such a bad day
Well, I think I had my first bad day in university today. In my books it was sooo..blahhhh. First off, in the middle of my first class that damn fire alarm went off. I don't even know what happened, some idiot probably pulled it. Dude, that was a bunch of high school stuff, I'm sure once we're out of high school, we leave that all behind. After that class, I stayed behind for like half an hour to finish off an assignment with my partner that's due tomorrow, I was not paying attention in class, I was just working on the homework assignment because I had absolutely no time at all on the weekend working all 4 days that I had no school.
After finishing off that homework assignment I had to rush to the library to meet my friend so we could finish off the h130 assignment that was due today before 2:30. I had to fix most of my answers because I ended up do them a bit differently and I was a few numbers off. It was sooo fusturating for me because it took so long to do those questions over again. I'm not even sure I got the right answers because when my friend checked it for me, he told me that the last 3 equations that I did were different from his, so I'm not sure. By 1:45 I had to rush all the way up to the computer lab so I could type up 2 of my questions to send in to that class, luckily when I got up there, there was an empty computer that I quickly rushed to. And also to make things more difficult I could not think of anything to write or summarize, I just made up a bunch of crap because I was running out of time before the class. After I was done and I had sent everything in, I then realized that I forgot my cell downstairs, I was a fucking mess, I went downstairs to see if it was still there. Nope somebody took it, called it sooo many times with eric's, masood's, and bahaar's, no luck they wouldn't pick up. And then after class at like around 4 the person called Bahaar with my cell telling her that they had it, and they would return it to me on thursday. Thing is, she didn't even fucking say who the hell she was, how the hell am I suppose to find her in a class that has like 300 people??? I was panicing so much, so I locked my phone till I get it back.

Hopefully I'll find her on Thursday in class.
I pray that she's even in my class.

2nd-Oct-2007 11:59 pm - tomorrow, new season, new cds
K, so i have a midterm tomorrow, and honestly i think i'm totally ready for it..(not). no, I think i'll do fine. I just hope i have enough time to finish it. I spent quite a bit of time today looking over some notes. And I spent the rest of my time finishing off my psyc paper. Note to self: never ever try to finish off huge assignments on the last day before it's due. I have to get myself to never do that anymore. I mean i can get away with it in high school, but now I can't do that. I just can't wait till tomorrow is over, Wednesdays are always the worse days of my school week. One class that I absolutely HATE, and two tutorials in a row. Debates start tomorrow in psyc!! Luckily I'm not the first one going. Thank god.

New season!!! I'm so damn excited for this hockey season. It's going to be sooo much better than last season, well a bit better considering we kind of overacheived last year. Luongos new mask totally rocks! I mean, it's got basically a the features that represents the Canucks and Vancouver. I love Luongo, hope he'll play as well as he did last year if not better. Can't wait to see him in action again. The long summer without any hockey, gotta get back into it. I'm still kind of pissed of that I'm missing part of the Canucks game on Friday because I have to work, luckily I'm only missing the first period. But still, the first period is the most important! especially when it's the opener of the new season! Can't wait to see Raymond, and Shannon get on that ice with their lines. I think we've got some solid lines this year, saying that there won't be any long time injuries. And I absolutely cannot believe that after a day that Nathan McIver makes the team the next he gets sent back down to the Moose, jsut because we took some veteran defencemen off waivers. I mean taht's kind of not fair to him, blowing his confidence of telling him that he made the team and them sending him off again. I know taht he's only here because Salo hurt himself and he's a replacement till he's good to play again, but come on at least let him prover himself up here. It's unfair. Hopefully he'll get called up sometime this year and prove that he worth keeping up here in Vancouver.

Finally!!!! The long waited cd is coming out!! Before it was a rumor that they would release a single called "Change the world" to come out at the end of August. And now it's official!! They will be releasing a single call 'weeekk' and an album called 'pacific' on November 7!!! Both cd's on the same day!!! It's quite exciting. Their second album in like 2 and a half years. And apparently the songs on the album will mostly be on the songs we've heard on their DVD. Can't wait!!!

Please give me strength to do well on my midterm tomorrow.

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